Welcome to the institute for apprenticeships and technical education (IfATE)

IfATE is an employer-led organisation. Our vision is for a world-leading apprenticeships and technical education system, that equips people from all backgrounds for skilled occupations contributing to increased economic productivity.

The Department for Education sponsors us; however, an independent chair oversees our work. This chair leads a board of employers, business leaders and their representatives to make sure the apprenticeships and technical products are of the highest quality.

What we do

A key element of our work is supporting employer groups in the development of the apprenticeships. We maintain the occupational maps which underpin all technical education. We develop, approve, review and revise apprenticeships and technical qualifications with employers. This includes responsibility for T Levels delivery and for implementing an approval process for higher technical qualifications.

Who we are

We have a 200-strong team based across two main offices in London and Coventry. We are passionate about the work we do, and we pride ourselves on being an independent, impartial voice to the sector. Our values are collaborative, authoritative and efficient.

Why we do it

IfATE’s work has a real, frontline impact. Through our work, hundreds of thousands of apprentices and students across England get the opportunity to maximise their potential.  We deliver flagship government policies, and our mission is to give every employer and individual the skills they need to succeed.