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As of 1 August 2022, the English and maths requirements for on-programme and new apprentices undertaking level 2 apprenticeships have changed and are detailed as part of the apprenticeship funding rules. These requirements supersede the current wording in this apprenticeship standard and EPA plan.

Overview of the role

Selling beauty products and helping customers choose which ones to buy.

Beauty and make up consultant

Reference Number: ST0636

Details of standard

Occupational profile

A Beauty and make-up consultant typically works in a department store, or other retail environment; they use their knowledge to demonstrate, promote and recommend the use, benefits and application of a range of retail beauty products, covering: make-up, skin care, nail care and perfumery. They do this in accordance with legal requirements, brand guidelines, pricing and promotional structures and organisational protocols. They work as part of a team, as well as independently, supported by a department or counter manager, to provide exceptional, bespoke customer service and care in a fast-paced retail environment, whilst achieving sales and profit targets. They have drive, a good work ethic, an enquiring and curious mind and are enthusiastic to learn about their chosen career and maintain continual professional development.

A Beauty and make-up consultant:

  • meets beauty retail image and etiquette to be a brand ambassador
  • advises and demonstrates:
    • eyelash and eyebrow products to customers
    • facial products to customers
    • nail products to customers
    • perfumery recommendations to customers
  • completes promotional activities
  • maintains and manages a work area
  • identifies customer requirements then:
    • chooses the most appropriate products, tools and equipment to promote, demonstrate and sell
  • selects, uses, demonstrates and applies a range of techniques, products, tools and equipment to promote and sell a range of beauty retail products to customers
  • instructs in the use and application of skin care products and make-up
  • completes services to a high standard, maintaining customer confidentiality and rights
  • advises, demonstrates and sells retail beauty products relevant to customers’ needs
  • implements and practices safe ways of working for themselves and others in accordance with legal and organisational requirements
  • portrays professionalism that meets beauty retail industry and organisational requirements

Duration of the apprenticeship

Minimum 12 months

Review Date:

After 3 years

English and maths:

Apprentices without level 1 English and maths will need to achieve this level and take the test for level 2 English and maths prior to taking the End-Point Assessment. For those with an education, health and care plan or a legacy statement the apprenticeship’s English and maths minimum requirement is Entry Level 3. British Sign Language (BSL) qualifications are an alternative to English qualifications for those whose primary language is BSL.

Qualification to be achieved:

Level 2 Diploma for Beauty Professionals – Beauty and make-up consultant

Skills and knowledge A Beauty and Make-up Consultant is able to competently: A Beauty and Make-up Consultant knows and understands:
Professionalism and values Carry out and maintain organisational and beauty retail industry duties and requirements for professionalism: meet organisational and industry standards of appearance; maintain expected image and etiquette; implement equality and diversity protocols; work under pressure; observe time management and self-management; maintain and manage a work area; complete services in a commercially viable time and to a high standard; demonstrate a passion for the beauty retail industry; facilitate a positive customer journey and experience whilst maintaining confidentiality and consumer rights; communicate effectively with customers recognising when to apply different verbal and non-verbal communication skills; solve problems quickly and effectively as they emerge within the scope of  responsibilities; and seek assistance from a senior member of staff when required Beauty and Make-up Consultant legal, industry and organisational requirements relating to: relevant product protocol guidelines, procedures, organisational requirements, customs and regulations dealing with diplomatic correctness, precedence and etiquette. Pricing, incentives and promotional structures; time and self-management principles; equality and diversity; industry and organisational standards of appearance. The Sale of Goods and Services Act, Consumer Rights Act and the Data Protection Act, GDPR and their application within the beauty retail and related industries; how to facilitate a positive customer journey; the types and uses of verbal and non-verbal communication; how to resolve customer problems; and when to escalate to get a satisfactory outcome
Safe working practices Meet legal, industry and organisational requirements: maintain effective, hygienic and safe working methods and safety considerations; adhere to workplace, supplier’s or manufacturer’s instructions for the safe use of equipment, materials and products; maintain the customer’s modesty, privacy and comfort; minimise risks of cross-infection, injury or fatigue; promote environmental and sustainable working practices; ensure personal hygiene and protection meets industry and organisational requirements Legal, industry and organisational requirements relating to: tools, equipment, materials and products; workplace cleaning requirements and waste disposal; supplier or manufacturer’s instructions; customer preparation and protection; direct and indirect cross-infection; methods that promote environmental and sustainable working practices; how to reduce risk of injury to self and others: posture, personal hygiene, protection; health and safety legislation and practice
Beauty and Make-up Consultant A Beauty and Make-up Consultant is able to competently: A Beauty and Make-up Consultant knows and understands:
Instruct the use and application of skin care products and make-up Consult, prepare, plan and deliver basic skin care and make-up instruction, and evaluate the success of skin care and make-up instruction with customers to meet individual customer needs, occasions and skin type/ condition Methods of demonstrating basic skin care and make-up application techniques and use of products, tools and equipment, how to tailor skin care and make-up instruction to meet individual customer needs, occasions and skin type/ condition

Advise and demonstrate a range of beauty retail products tools and equipment for the:

eyelashes and eyebrows

face, neck and skin


Advise and demonstrate a range of beauty retail products tools and equipment to customers including:

methods used to enhance the appearance of the eyes and brows including: hair removal, eyebrow artistry and their effects, colour eyelashes

methods used to improve and maintain the condition of the face and neck, including facial and specialist skin care products

methods used to enhance the appearance of the nails and hand, feet and skin, including specialist nail products

Fundamental knowledge of retail products tools and equipment and application methods for the:

eye and brow including: hair removal, eyebrow artistry and their effects, colour eyelashes. The advice customers require to select, attach, maintain and remove semi-permanent and temporary eyelash products

face and skin including: specialist skin care products. The basic anatomy and physiology of the face and the structure and function of the skin

nails and skin including: specialist nail products. The basic anatomy and physiology of hands and feet and the structure and function of the skin

Completes promotional activities Plan, prepare, implement and evaluate promotional activities to support beauty retail sales Venue and legal requirements, promotion planning, selling skills, and budgeting
Advise, demonstrate and sell beauty products to customers Identify the targets for sales and creation of prospective sales, inform and gain the customer’s commitment to purchasing the additional services/products. Carry out stock rotation and maintenance  Service and product promotion techniques, how to make a sale, buying signals. The principles of brand awareness, pricing structures, and product ranges. Principles of stock rotation and maintenance 
Advise and demonstrate perfumery recommendations to customers Evaluate and establish customers’ fragrance preferences and recommend appropriate fragrance choices History, origins, types, brands, skin reaction, the principles of blending fragrances, the psychological effects of fragrances and relationship to olfactory and limbic systems



  • These behaviours ensure that customers receive a positive impression of both the organisation and the individual:
  • Personal and professional ethics: demonstrates a commitment to quality, maintains honesty, integrity and confidentiality that meets industry standards
  • Flexible and positive attitude: Adapts positively to changing work priorities and patterns when new tasks need to be completed or requirements change
  • Maintain customer care principles and practices: show customers respect at all times and in all circumstances, demonstrate customer empathy, sensitivity and awareness


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Status: Approved for delivery
Level: 2
Reference: ST0636
Version: 1.0
Date updated: 07/12/2018
Approved for delivery: 7 December 2018
Route: Hair and beauty
Minimum duration to gateway : 12 months (this does not include EPA period)
Maximum funding: £3000
LARS Code: 390
EQA Provider: Ofqual

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Employers involved in creating the standard: Hammer Holdings/ Urban Retreat, Armonia Health and Beauty, SAKS, Dermalogica, Ragdale Hall, Guinot-Mary Cohr UK Ltd, Boots, Sterex, UR Beautiful, Kenneth Green, Clarins

Version log

Version Change detail Earliest start date Latest start date Latest end date
1.0 07/12/2018 Not set Not set

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