We are committed to complying with all relevant legislation and government policy, particularly the Greening Government Commitments 2016 to 2020, and improving our environmental performance. We comply with policies and procedures on sustainability which apply to our use of shared office space.

As we are an emerging organisation, a non-departmental body to the Department for Education (DfE) we are currently covered within the DfE’s annual reports on sustainability. We are working towards independent reports and direct accountability.

The following provisions are in place to further illustrate how we are working towards being a more sustainable organisation:

  • We will seek to undertake our activities in a manner that does not increase and seeks to reduce, our resource consumption and associated carbon emissions.
  • We will provide the tools for staff to keep paper consumption to a minimum through our digital ways of working.
  • We will provide electronic communications solutions to help achieve our business objectives in a way that minimises the need to travel to and between offices and to any other external organisations.
  • When travel is necessary, we will seek to maximise the use of public transport through our travel and expenses policy. We will minimise the use of Vehicle Hire where possible.
  • We will promote video conferencing as the first choice for meeting purposes.
  • We will always consider social value in 100% of our procurements as part of us assessing the environmental sustainability of potential contracts.
  • Where practical, we will make use of the Crown Commercial Service framework contracts where suppliers’ compliance with environmental standards has been established.
  • We will monitor and publish relevant environmental performance data through the DfE’s annual reports and move towards independent reporting and direct accountability.
  • We will work with employers to ensure that our apprenticeship and technical education products appropriately embed sustainability in the knowledge, skills, and behaviours of occupational standards.

This policy statement will be reviewed and approved by the Institute’s board on an annual basis or more frequently in the event of significant changes to our business.