T Levels are two-year, technical qualifications designed with businesses and employers to give students the skills that industry need. They are equivalent in size to 3 A levels and are for 16-19 year old learners after completing their GCSE’s.

They are based on occupational standards and provide a mixture of technical knowledge and skills specific to a chosen industry and an industry placement of at least 45 days.

These T Level Progression Profiles show the range of opportunities available following completion of a T Level, which include employment, apprenticeships, and higher and further education (such as degree and Higher Technical Qualifications options).

How we develop progression profiles

IfATE has worked with employers, providers and industry experts to identify the range of progression options available following completion of a T Level, aligned with our occupational maps. This includes mapping content that is common to each T Level and its associated occupational standards. The Department for Education has also been working with higher education providers to identify options for progression into higher education.

The mapping indicates which areas may still need further development before full competence is reached in that occupation and whether a learner may be able to complete an apprenticeship in a reduced timeframe due to the application of recognised prior learning (RPL). This will be determined by an initial assessment of the learner. Additional information indicating the areas for further development has been included below to support this initial assessment.

The profiles will evolve as T Levels and occupational standards are updated and as we continue to engage with employers, providers and industry experts.

It is important to note that while the profiles indicate some of the pathways that are available, many other opportunities will be available. The national careers service website has information on each career option and on how to speak to a careers adviser.


1. Digital

T Levels in Digital 

There are three digital T Levels. Please follow the link below to find the progression options and profile for the wave 1 T Level:

a) T Level in Digital production, design and development 

b) T Level in Digital support services

c) T Level in Digital business services



2. Construction

T Levels in Construction

There are three construction T Levels. Please follow the links below to find the progression options and profiles for all three T Levels across wave 1 and wave 2:

a) T Level in Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction

b) T Level in Onsite Construction

c) T Level in Building Services Engineering for Construction



3. Education and Childcare

T Level in Education and Childcare

There is one education and childcare T Level. Please follow the links below to find the progression options and profile for the T Level in wave 1:

a) T Level in Education and Childcare



4. Next steps

We are now working to produce progression profiles for the T Levels in wave 3, including Engineering and Manufacturing, Business and Administration and Finance and Accounting

If you are an employer, provider or industry expert in any of these sectors and would like to be involved in the development of our progression work, please contact